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DynaCeal® System

A unique two part liquid system which can be made to set solid, and then broken on demand or made to self release, for use in a variety of demanding applications.

DynaCeal® System

Alchemy has developed a unique range of liquid materials which can be made to set to a solid within the bodies of valves and pipelines.

This allows the establishment of a temporary barrier within leaking systems such that emergency repairs, or scheduled replacements and maintenance, may be carried out.

The solid plug formed to create the seal can be broken down through the application of our specially formulated DynaBreak product, allowing the seal to be dissolved and flushed out of the application area as a liquid. The plug can also be made to self release from the pipe wall after a set period of time, or in other cases may be removed mechanically,

The DynaCEAL® range is customised to customer requirements regarding pumping and setting times, is provided in a kit form, and can be mixed easily on-site as required.

  • DynaCeal® 125
  • DynaCeal® P

DynaCeal® 125

DynaCeal® is our unique liquid sealing product which can be easily broken back down from a solid on demand, or made to self release from the application area.

DynaCeal® P

DynaCeal® P is a specially formulated variation of DynaCeal with a much lower density allowing the solid plug to be “floated” up to the required location.  Our low density product is primarily used where the only access into the line, or cavity to be sealed, is from below.


Crosslinker & Breaker

The DynaCEAL® product series are made to form solid plugs through the use of DyanCEAL® Catalyst, and also broken down with our DyanCEAL® Breaker.

  • Alchemy Gelling Agent

DynaCeal® LINK

DynaCeal® Link is specially formulated to act as a catalyst to set the DynaCeal® Range of products.  The addition of the DynaCeal® Link is customised to accommodate different applications and temperatures, pumping and setting times, as required by the Client.

DynaBreak 5

Although the DynaCeal® plug formed is usually pigged out of the application area, Alchemy has developed the DynaBreak 5 product to assist with the breaking up of the DynaCeal® if required.



For more information on the DynaCeal® product line, please review the PDF brochure or feel free to contact us.



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