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APG™ Crosslinked Gels

A crosslinked gel system, excellent at removing debris and creating barriers within pipelines to hold slugs of water or chemical products.
APG Range – Debris Lift and Cleaning

APG™ Crosslinked Gel System

Alchemy APG™ Crosslinked Gel is formed from our specialist APG Base, crosslinked with APG Gelling Agent to form a fully crosslinked gel system.  This crosslinked gel is excellent for debris removal and to form barriers within pipelines to hold slugs of water or chemical products.

Our APG range can be supplied in kit form simplifying transport and storage, with mixing prior to injection taking place at the application site.

The APG series has been used to remove sand without the need to use pigs in a pipeline where the use of a technical pig might produce a debris wave which could lead to fouling in front of the pig, which could then stick and plug the pipeline.

Our APG products have also been used to free stuck technical pigs in pipelines by deploying from the front end and lifting the pig off of its stuck location and then slicking the line as it moves forward and out of the pipeline.

APG Range – Oil/Hydrocarbon Removal and Decommissioning
Alchemy APG™ Crosslinked Gel has excellent Oil displacement properties, and has been extensively used to remove oil and hydrocarbons from subsea production lines prior to decommissioning. Recent projects have included Oil Removal from North Sea production flowlines for major operators using our APG12 and APG7 products, with excellent results.

  • APG3
  • APG5
  • APG8
  • APG126 BRB

APG3 – Low Viscosity Gel

Alchemy APG3 Base (Aqueous Pipline Gel) is a low viscosity gel with excellent debris pickup capabilities.  The function of this fluid is to provide a viscous liquid which will lift and retain debris while being pigged out of a pipeline system.  APG Base is formulated to be crosslinked with Alchemy APG gelling agent if required.

APG5 – Medium Viscosity Gel

Alchemy APG5 Base (Aqueous Pipeline Gel) is a medium viscosity gel for debris removal.

APG8 – High Viscosity Gel

APG8 is a higher viscosity gel with excellent debris pickup capabilities.

APG126 BRB – Suspension Gel System

Alchemy APG 126 BRB is designed for use as a suspension gel system or as a temporary well isolation system.  The product is designed to be used at site as a base gel fluid which has a density of approximately 1.26.  This base gel can be crosslinked via Alchemy Gelling agent if required.

APG 126 is formulated to provide a dense crosslinked gel which will suspend debris and assist in well application.  The base product is supplied as a liquid phase to the application site where it is crosslinked as required by application of gelling agent in a ratio of 100 parts base gel to 1-4 parts crosslinker depending on the Client’s requirements.

APG Range

Crosslinker & Breaker

Any of the APG series gels can be crosslinked through the use of Alchemy Gelling Agent, and also broken down with our APG Breaker.

  • Alchemy Gelling Agent
  • APG Breaker C

Alchemy Gelling Agent

When mixed with out series of APG base products, the APG gelling agent provides the mechanism which results in the formation of a crosslinked gel.

APG Breaker C

APG Breaker C is used to assist with degredation of APG crosslinked gels if required.  The crosslinked gels usually break down in the production stream.



For more information on our APG Gel products, please see our PDF product brochures available here.



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